We work with motivated individuals, teams, and organizations to increase self- and emotional awareness, and improve relational dynamics through increasing understanding, mutual appreciation, and compassion.

What We Do

– Present Journey brings sensitivity to relational dynamics, in both for-profit and not-for profit organizations

– We educate and coach leaders, team members, and individuals across organizations to build mutual understanding, appreciation, empathy, and more effective collaboration

– We use the Enneagram framework to help individuals and couples increase self-awareness, seek straightforward input, and continually transform themselves and their relationships


Individual Enneagram Consultation

Personal & Professional Development Coaching

Conflict Resolution

Team Dynamics

Organization & Team Development Training Days


Tour of the Types

Understanding Your Communication Style

Enhancing Your Communication

Listening Well

Giving Constructive Feedback

Surviving Stress

Couples’ Enneagram Intensive


Emotional intelligence is the greatest predictor of success across occupations, industries, and organizational levels. Present Journey helps individuals, leadership, and teams to:

– raise emotional awareness and relational aptitude

– identify unconscious barriers that impede relationships

– make conscious shifts in unhelpful patterns of relating and communicating

– seek, receive, and offer honest, direct input effectively

– navigate challenges with higher relational sensitivity

– enhance collaboration through deeper understanding and appreciation

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